Gungahlin NBN Progress

Flemmington Road

Pictures below all taken on 9/10/2012Flemmington Road

Distribution Fibre cables (looks about 4cm diameter) on Silcar truck

Distribution Fibre being pulled through duct.

Huyer Street

Fibre being pulled in Huyer street. Looks like ribbon fibre, probably High density area in Gungahlin.

Pit in Huyer street. Old rope which was previously pulled can also be seen.

Alice Cummings street

Telstra sub-contracter ute locating pit positions. They are clearing the ducts
for NBN use. Did not want me to take photos, but were very friendly and showed me
a sensor used to locate existing cables. A red box at one pit sends a signal along
the cable. By waving the a sensor over the ground further up the street, the signal
is picked up, helping to locate the next pit.