Home Monitoring

The term “Home monitoring ”  is generally taken to mean a health benefit that enables the monitoring of  elderly or sick people at home.  On this site this benefit is covered here. We will concentrate now on the possibilities provided by the NBN to monitor your home while you are not there.

Impact on Security

Visium Group comprises of three companies dedicated to building a complete end to end digital video network for security and management. Below is an extract from their web site:

The ramifications for the security industry are huge. Australian security companies have been resting on their hands receiving kick backs from calls they generate on your phone bill. (If you still have a phone-line dialing alarm panel look for calls made to a 1345 number, you might be shocked).  This revenue sharing amounts to a whopping 100Million dollar plus revenue stream that is going to get pulled from conventional security companies. Many will go broke or be forced to ramp up the price of their manpower and monitoring services.

Visium by comparison has been building an NBN era enterprise for the last decade, so we are excited by all this change and ready to help you, our valued clients migrate into an NBN world. Many of you have already adopted our IP Alarm platform so no worries here, this will plug and play into the NBN network.

More good news for your security, our services are going to get faster and more effective. For our control room, streaming video at 100 times the current speed will mean lightening quick response and higher quality video back at our control room for all sorts of money saving services. Because we are the only security company poised and ready for the NBN, we will have to split our services at some point so that IP customers are not encumbered by the difficulties in servicing customers attempting to adapt analogue equipment to a pure IP world. More on this as things develop.

For a long time we have had enough bandwidth to move text around – what the NBN will really do is unleash video as the next powerhouse communications medium in our space and many others (including medical).


IP Network Cameras & Webcams

IP Webcams are network cameras capable of smoothly integrating into a Smart Home solution and displaying on devices such as Touch Screens, Netbooks, iPads and Android as they are accessed by IP (Internet Protocol) with each unit having a discrete IP address on your home network.

The cameras we promote at Nous House are high resolution, work in a large range of light conditions and have advanced multi-stream vision recording capabilities.

Through the addition of digital recording systems or network attached storage they can make effective surveillance systems for your house, tracking events and notifying you of activity inside or outside your home.



Security Alarms MySec  offers the state-of-art technology to all clients. Our security systems  are designed to secure your property from robbery and unwanted guests.  We can install a wide variety of systems for businesses. Some systems  are exclusively designed to help recognize which employee or person has  turned on and off the system. Our wireless systems give you the ability  to monitor your premises onsite or from a remote location. Remote  activation and deactivation features allow you to operate your system  from any distant location. This innovative system is dedicated to  providing an effective, inexpensive security system for all types of  premises.

Small Business and Residential Alarms Our  burglar alarm systems are amazingly simple to operate and give you full  control over your premises, even the opening of doors or controlling  lights and heating. If unsafe circumstances occur, the system detects  and responds to it instantaneously. MySec is determined to work out the  best security solution for clients.


Chubb Newsletter

So what does the NBN mean for your security alarm system? Today most medical and home alarms systems rely on a home phone connection for their back to base monitoring however with the introduction of the NBN this will mean an upgrade to your alarm system to make it able to function within the NBN environment. For those of you who already utilise broadband to operate your alarm system it is likely that you already have an alarm system that requires little or no change with the NBN.